Username * wengziyang1999
Country China
City Wuhan




Weng Ziyang is one of the most extraordinary artists of China. Based on his
knowledge and endless research of Chinese traditional culture, he conveys
the courage and power of life by traditional Chinese painting.

Through this immemorial and romantic brushwork, he depicts the connotation
of purity, dignity and anima. Most of his creations are focused on people
and history, for instance: the culture of Chu dynasty of China; the Spring
and Autumn empire; and fantasy.

After he found out the connection between digital art and Chinese
traditional painting, he turned to seek how to use the digital arts
techniques in CG painting and how to utilize new CG techniques to improve
the primary designs. With the perfect use of these kinds of new techniques
and conventional painting, he initiates the new era of Chinese art style.

His productions relate to culture and commercial painting, including
illustrations, CG paintings, game posters and graphical books about movies
and teleplays. His productions are published in top books and magazines in
Korea, Japan, Malaysia, USA and Australia, earning an extensive reputation

His achievements in the field of cartoon, game design and illustrations are
greatly recognized by the experts and society at large.'